Easy healthy stir fried rice

This is a great, quick, healthy lunch or dinner. I often whip it up after class if I’m in a rush and it’s surprisingly filling.

I use Quorn sausages but you could use normal sausages if you want (though it will take the calories up quite a lot so worth trying quorn if you can). I also often use a pouch of cooked rice for speed but if you have the time use normal rice. This makes 4 small portions (but plenty for a meal) at approx 275 cals per portion.

You will need :

4 Quorn sausages (or other veggie sausage)

250g (cooked weight) of Brown or Wild rice

1 Onion

1 Pepper

Good handful or two of frozen petit pois

Good handful or two of frozen or fresh sweetcorn

1/2 tsp paprika

Little oil to cook

Chop the onion and pepper. Using a large wok or frying pan heat a little oil and then add the onions and brown gently, add in the peppers. Slice the sausages and then add in and brown off too. Once browned add the rice and paprika and mix well. Cook for a minute and then throw the petit pois and sweetcorn in. Stir well and keep cooking for a couple of minutes until everything is cooked through. Serve!

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