“Talk about motivation, consistency and support! Dr Nancy Priston is your gal”

Talk about motivation, consistency and support! Dr Nancy Priston is your gal. I’ve struggled with weight loss since a young age, tried every diet and been through with quite a few PTs. Nancy was my last resort I thought, either I am going to do it this time or never! I attend her body attack class, and her big smile, energy level, and confidence inspires me.

I’ve already lost 2 stone, dropped nearly two dress size to a much more toned body, I still a little way to go but the support I have from Nancy is second to none. She drives me to achieve better results, and taught me it is not just about exercise but eating habits too. She has the full package, she gives me the mental and physical support, her advice is always spot on.

I felt sluggish and fat before I started personal training with Nancy, with the correct diet and the exercise routine now in place, I feel energetic and full of life. Haha I am full of life before, now is like there is no stopping me. I managed to complete a ‘tree climbing track’ activity that I wouldn’t have done before –  it requires arm strength and leg muscles.

Nancy makes the transition process easy by understanding who I am, what I am like, and she has a personal touch you know, she is not pushy but understanding and gives suggestions that will work with your lifestyle. She is available all the time to support me, and no other PT has come close to that before (And I did have some good ones).

So to conclude, Nancy is the best! I think you need to find a PT that understands your need and your goal, can be there for you, understands your weaknesses and helps you to  find solutions together.

Reggie, 2015 – 2017