“If you’re stuck in a rut and need someone to get you out Nancy is the person!!”

I met Nancy by chance at a Body Pump class at Xcel gym on one of the rare occasions I was able to go on a Saturday morning! I am so glad we bumped into each other! A few years ago, after being a very active youngster I had to have my knee replaced and was told running (my main source of exercise) was a no go. In my stubbornness I decided to stop pretty much all exercise, and after getting a desk job I quickly found myself piling on the weight! Whilst my weight gain was by no means as large as it could’ve been, I went up a dress size, felt sluggish, didn’t have much energy and generally felt down…finding Nancy at that Body Pump class was the best thing that could’ve happened! For the first time I actually enjoyed exercise, the class was so much fun! I decided to sign up to the online training with her, she got me a training program that suited my lifestyle and helped me sort out my nutrition, giving me ideas on quick meals for the nights I get home after 10 which don’t involve supermarket ready meals!

In my 6 months with Nancy, she helped me change my lifestyle. She got me cooking a lot more (Heck sausages are the best) but she also helped me re-find my love for exercise through constant encouragement and a great understanding of what I was trying to achieve and what my limitations were. On days that I didn’t want to exercise, or days when I hadn’t lost weight on the scales, Nancy would encourage me to go, and remind me of my measurements coming down and how it’s not all about the scales, it’s the measurements that count!

My jeans are looser and I now need a smaller belt! But the best thing by far has been re-finding my love for exercise despite an injury. Nancy was able to give me exercises that would not put too much pressure through my knees, and if something hurt she was able to find a workaround! She answered all my questions (and I had a lot!) and made it fun…made me actually want to do it!

Nancy was definitely the friendliest kick up the bum I needed! Got me back on track and now I look forward to my healthier dinners and workouts at the gym! If you’re stuck in a rut and need someone to get you out Nancy is the person!!

Natalie – online training, 7 months, 2017 – 2018