I met Nancy at Nuffield gym while attending her spin and body pump classes. I needed a kick start on shifting some weight, and saw the amazing weight loss her clients had achieved with her online training.

We started chatting and I nervously joined her online Pt. Measuring every week and seeing the centimetres drop, was so motivational. We all get so fixated on the scale, but centimetre loss is far more rewarding.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done! I logged my calories, and with her guidance on diet and healthy eating, I started seeing results. She is a very positive and inspirational person, which changed my attitude towards so many things. Some weeks were better than others, but she kept me on my toes. I love my exercise now, and there are very few days, I don’t work out.

I highly recommend her, and would not have been able to be so dedicated without her. I now, feel so much better, and know I’ll be able to make much better choices in my day to day life. I feel positive and motivated and it’s all thanks to her.

Hanle Maclachlan, (Online PT, 3 months 2018)

“I feel positive and motivated and it’s all thanks to her”

I was struggling with my weight for the last 3 years. I knew the reasons why I am not losing any weight is because of my poor diet. I tried all sorts of diet, but nothing was working for me.

After taking some of Nancy’s body attack classes I became motivated to lose weight and want live a healthier life, and what better way to do that by asking her to do online training with me? The online training impacted my life hugely, I was able to learn the right exercises which would help me lose weight. As well as this, within the first couple of weeks I became more aware of what I was eating and how I could eat a more balanced diet. Nancy emailed me lots of food recipes which were delicious and low in calories.

The results were clear after the first couple of months and Nancy’s endless energy and encouraging personality helped me feel more positive. During the online training Nancy was very supportive and after spending a couple of weeks with her I enjoyed exercising and could feel her positive energy rubbing off on me.

The best thing about Nancy is that she is so positive about everything. No matter whatever time I emailed or text Nancy she always replied straight away with a solution.

Nancy is a friendly, encouraging person to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting healthier.

N, online PT 2016 – 107

“The online training impacted my life hugely, I was able to learn the right exercises which would help me lose weight.”

I met Nancy by chance at a Body Pump class at Xcel gym on one of the rare occasions I was able to go on a Saturday morning! I am so glad we bumped into each other! A few years ago, after being a very active youngster I had to have my knee replaced and was told running (my main source of exercise) was a no go. In my stubbornness I decided to stop pretty much all exercise, and after getting a desk job I quickly found myself piling on the weight! Whilst my weight gain was by no means as large as it could’ve been, I went up a dress size, felt sluggish, didn’t have much energy and generally felt down…finding Nancy at that Body Pump class was the best thing that could’ve happened! For the first time I actually enjoyed exercise, the class was so much fun! I decided to sign up to the online training with her, she got me a training program that suited my lifestyle and helped me sort out my nutrition, giving me ideas on quick meals for the nights I get home after 10 which don’t involve supermarket ready meals!

In my 6 months with Nancy, she helped me change my lifestyle. She got me cooking a lot more (Heck sausages are the best) but she also helped me re-find my love for exercise through constant encouragement and a great understanding of what I was trying to achieve and what my limitations were. On days that I didn’t want to exercise, or days when I hadn’t lost weight on the scales, Nancy would encourage me to go, and remind me of my measurements coming down and how it’s not all about the scales, it’s the measurements that count!

My jeans are looser and I now need a smaller belt! But the best thing by far has been re-finding my love for exercise despite an injury. Nancy was able to give me exercises that would not put too much pressure through my knees, and if something hurt she was able to find a workaround! She answered all my questions (and I had a lot!) and made it fun…made me actually want to do it!

Nancy was definitely the friendliest kick up the bum I needed! Got me back on track and now I look forward to my healthier dinners and workouts at the gym! If you’re stuck in a rut and need someone to get you out Nancy is the person!!

Natalie – online training, 7 months, 2017 – 2018

“If you’re stuck in a rut and need someone to get you out Nancy is the person!!”

Talk about motivation, consistency and support! Dr Nancy Priston is your gal. I’ve struggled with weight loss since a young age, tried every diet and been through with quite a few PTs. Nancy was my last resort I thought, either I am going to do it this time or never! I attend her body attack class, and her big smile, energy level, and confidence inspires me.

I’ve already lost 2 stone, dropped nearly two dress size to a much more toned body, I still a little way to go but the support I have from Nancy is second to none. She drives me to achieve better results, and taught me it is not just about exercise but eating habits too. She has the full package, she gives me the mental and physical support, her advice is always spot on.

I felt sluggish and fat before I started personal training with Nancy, with the correct diet and the exercise routine now in place, I feel energetic and full of life. Haha I am full of life before, now is like there is no stopping me. I managed to complete a ‘tree climbing track’ activity that I wouldn’t have done before –  it requires arm strength and leg muscles.

Nancy makes the transition process easy by understanding who I am, what I am like, and she has a personal touch you know, she is not pushy but understanding and gives suggestions that will work with your lifestyle. She is available all the time to support me, and no other PT has come close to that before (And I did have some good ones).

So to conclude, Nancy is the best! I think you need to find a PT that understands your need and your goal, can be there for you, understands your weaknesses and helps you to  find solutions together.

Reggie, 2015 – 2017

“Talk about motivation, consistency and support! Dr Nancy Priston is your gal”

I joined up to Nancy’s On-Line PT for 3 months and felt totally supported and motivated.  Taking initial measurements and weight gave a starting point and a table to track weekly progress.  Nancy gave me some great meal ideas as wanted something quick I could fit into family life and the recipes were enjoyed by all.  Some days were easier than others to keep on track and Nancy was always there to message if I needed some help; there were a few weeks when I ate the wrong things or wasn’t as active but I was encouraged to get back on track.  I can totally recommend Nancy, her endless energy inspires and her approach was so tailored to me as an individual.  Thanks Nancy it was great working with you and have learnt so much about nutrition and keeping fit is good for mind and body.

Claire H, online PT 2017

“I can totally recommend Nancy, her endless energy inspires and her approach was so tailored to me as an individual”

I met Nancy in 2015 when I began doing her Wednesday evening shbam classes and loved her style and approach to health and fitness, making it fun and light hearted but also beneficial. I signed up for her online training option in 2017 as while I wasn’t overweight I wanted to get back into my size 10s and had been struggling to do so alone. Nancy made this option easy and efficient by providing me with nutritional information and exercise plans to work different muscle groups. She helped me keep track of my progress by focusing more on my measurements as opposed to just my weight on the scales and regularly did body fat measurements for me before classes. By working with Nancy I was able to loose 3.5kg of body fat. Couldn’t have done this without her. Thanks sweetie

Katie B (online PT client,  2017)

“..working with Nancy I was able to loose 3.5kg of body fat. Couldn’t have done this without her”

My weight had crept up gradually over the years. I was overweight, unhappy about my size and how I looked. I was going to the gym regularly, but the weight was not shifting. I thought two or three spin classes and CX works once a week would make a difference, but the weighing scales told me otherwise and I was becoming disheartened. I added Body Pump in to my schedule, as another class….positioned in the back row, in my baggie T-shirts and loose fitting tracksuit bottoms.  I met Nancy in December 2014, when she took over as the regular instructor for the Body Pump class.  Her energy, enthusiasm and infectious smile make the class really enjoyable. She was always willing to answer questions and to give advice.  After a while, through friends’ contacts on Facebook, Nancy and I became FB friends. This led me in to the links to Nancy’s ‘Get Fit with Nancy’ and Pure Form Fitness.  I read Nancy’s ‘My journey from Fat to Fit’ personal article written in February 2015, which really struck a chord with me straightaway.   I never would have thought Nancy had been on such a journey, and much of her article resonated with me straightaway.  As soon as I found out that Nancy offered Personal training sessions, I knew I would have to give them a go. I was not managing to make progress alone, and the affinity I felt with Nancy’s article, was spurring me on to try harder on my exercise and weight loss. I was heading for obese, and I needed to do something to break the trend.

I was nervous going to the first session. Being in the back row of a full class, is very different to being one to one with nowhere to hide. I had filled in the questionnaire in advance, so had started thinking and committing myself to some targets.   I do not push myself forwards, I’m more introvert than extrovert. I did not know if Nancy and I would get on and I was being concerned about being measured, to have on record how out of condition I was. I need not have been concerned. Nancy is the most affable, personable individual. She put me at ease straightaway, being so matter of fact that my initial measurements were the baseline and immediately being encouraging about the number of repetitions I could manage in the exercises. These were my starting measures and Nancy was so positive, giving me instant belief that we would progress from these.

I really look forward to my personal training. Nancy varies each session, tailoring them to my needs and ability. This is increasing my repertoire of exercises, and is improving my overall condition. She is very attentive to my technique, to ensure I am carrying out the exercises properly to get the optimum benefit. She encourages me to try new exercises, pushing me through my limits with higher weights or more repetitions. Nancy also advises me on my lifestyle and nutrition, so that I am eating better, healthier food. I really appreciate the science side that Nancy brings. The mix of practical and academic suits my approach to issues, and she readily answers my questions, on a range of aspects of  training and nutrition.

The change to my eating habits, coupled with my personal training and more intensive exercise regime has led to a massive improvement in my body shape, condition and measurements. I am getting stronger and fitter. All of this has been so enjoyable. I can’t help but smile working with Nancy. It is fun, punctuated with laughter. I’ve learned what certain Nancy looks mean…….those which instantly put my shoulders back and down, or my back straight and my abs in! Personal training with Nancy has been a massive positive, and I am so pleased to continue working with her.

Knowing I have Nancy ‘in my corner’!  I have lost 11kg from the weighing scales and 13.9% body fat so far. I would not have achieved this without all of Nancy’s help, advice and encouragement. Thank you Nancy! You’re brilliant.

Cathy, 2015 – present

“I am getting stronger and fitter. All of this has been so enjoyable. I can’t help but smile working with Nancy.”

Nancy was my birthday present last year from my wife. I never felt I needed a Personal Trainer but after 6 months under Nancy’s care I have become a healthier person both mentally and physically. It has also given me a new outlook on life and interest in way of joining a gym (which I thought would never happen).

So from initially dreading my training days, I actually found I enjoyed the experience and particularly the challenges Nancy gently put my way, telling me “you can do anything in 10 seconds” ! I thought she was wrong but she proved that you actually can do just about anything. It just takes some of Nancy’s special encouragement and a bit of will power.

If you are serious about your health and want to make changes for the better, Nancy’s the one to choose without any doubt.

Colin, 2017

“Nancy’s the one to choose without any doubt.”