“Nancy believes in you and helps you believe in yourself too”

I very much enjoyed my course of PT with Nancy and would hope to repeat the experience at some point.

Apart from being a really lovely person Nancy is a great motivator and can encourage a bit of self discipline in the friendliest way.

She showed me just how hard I was capable of working which was extremely enabling, giving me confidence to push myself in my other classes and activities. Any kind of bike work is not my idea of fun but Nancy got me on the bike, no arguments,  and I just got on with it, quite a breakthrough in attitude I can tell you ! Nancy believes in you and helps you believe in yourself too.

She also wrote some gym sessions particularly working towards my goals and was always available via email/messaging for advice or to answer questions.

I also learnt about diet and especially portion control which hadn’t been on my radar at all !!

All in all it was a really, really rewarding experience.

Thanks Nancy


Sue Hooper, Face to face PT, 2016