“I managed to lose and incredible amount of cms and fitted into the dress! I felt amazing on my wedding day and that is thanks to Nancy”

I stupidly bought a wedding dress that didn’t quite do up with the plan to lose weight, I tried on my own for about 4 months of exercise and ‘healthy’ eating (aka massive portions of low calorie food). I was so deflated when all of my efforts weren’t working and took the plunge to find a personal trainer. I had previously been to a couple of classes that Nancy had taken and thought I’d get in touch. I just needed something to help me start shifting the weight and Nancy was that something.

I was very nervous before my first class with her, petrified of doing the photos and felt very unfit. I didn’t need to feel nervous at all, Nancy immediately put me at ease. She is lovely, so positive and friendly, despite me thinking I was going to collapse during my first session with her, I really enjoyed it.

Motivation wasn’t my problem at all, I had oodles of that with a wedding looming and a dress that didn’t yet fit but direction was what I needed. Nancy was able to guide me with nutrition and exercise advise and the cms dropped off so quickly. I can’t believe how I had struggled so much for months on my own and by the time we did our first set of measurements there had been massive changes. Why did I not do this earlier.

It wasn’t big changes, I didn’t spend any longer in the gym that I previously had been, the difference was what I did when I was there. Nutrition was a huge factor, I had already changed what I had been eating to have ‘healthy’ meals however I didn’t understand calories particularly well (despite being a hospital doctor). My Fitness Pal was so helpful and very easy to use. It just became 2nd nature to log anything when I ate it. Even if I’d had a bad day I would still log it. Nancy never judged any of the choices I made but she would give helpful hints as to how to stay on the right path and with the results I was seeing and feeling it was pretty easy to stay on track. I felt better than I had in years. I knew Nancy was always at the end of a message if I needed help or I was struggling and I knew that her beady eyes would be checking up on My Fitness Pal so it would keep me going.

The one-on-one PT sessions were always very varied and fun and we had a good chance to catch up on life but also nutrition and gym sessions I’d do outside of the PT sessions.

I had a number of obstacles over the 8 months I spent with Nancy, a change in job meant a huge change in routine and not being able to go to the gym before work, I had a 2 exams which meant all of my free time was spent revising and when people suggest ‘fueling the brain’ I would have to make very sensible choices.

I managed to lose and incredible amount of cms and fitted into the dress! I felt amazing on my wedding day and that is thanks to Nancy.

I plan on using the techniques she has taught me to keep me on track and maybe even losing a few more cms.

Jenny Hawkins, face to face PT,  April – Dec 2018