Tuesday Tip: You can always control those calories …

Tuesday Tip: You can always control those calories … 🥗

When you’re trying to reduce your calories and lose weight/fat eating out can become something that either causes stress/anxiety or results in a ‘f*ck it’ mentality. This is because often, unless it’s a chain restaurant, it’s hard to know the calories of the food you’re being served. The same applies for social situations at friend’s or relatives houses. There is a fear of eating ‘bad’ foods (though as we know – there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods – it’s all about quantity). You may be in a situation where choices are limited and there are no obviously lower calorie options.

So you may feel like there’s no point even trying to control things in these situations and that can often lead to over eating (and the consequent guilt the next day). But the thing is even though you may not know the calories of what you’re being served and you may not have control over your choice (at a friend’s dinner party for example), but you ALWAYS have control over how much you choose to eat.

If you normally go out and have a starter of satay chicken and it’s 6 skewers, have 3, that halves the calories! You can even ask the restaurant to only serve half. If you’re out for pizza at a friends have 1/2 instead of of a whole pizza. If you’re at a dinner party ask for a small portion and load up on veggies etc.

There are always ways to reduce your calorie intake IF you want to. So don’t think it all has to go to pot if you don’t know the exact calories because you can always control your portion size! Enjoy having that control over what you eat.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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