’She was a tremendous help and was always there to encourage me and also to drag me back on track.’


I have been a member of the Pavilion for about 4 years and before that other local gyms. However despite exercising approximately 4 times a week nothing really changed. Yes I was getting older and being a lady of a certain age my body was changing but not in the very flattering way so I really needed to do something and quick.

I also had the very big incentive of a wedding dress to get into so as a regular participant of Nancy’s classes at the Pavilion it was obvious who I should speak to!

Working full time and leading a busy life I chose to do on-line training with Nancy. She was a tremendous help and was always there to encourage me and also to drag me back on track. She showed me how to do the Fitness Pal and how to log my meals. She gave me some workouts to do at home if I had time or if I fancied changing things up a bit.

Nancy is a bundle of energy and positivity and always there with a cheery smile or a frown if I had a naughty weekend (which I did more than I should l have). However, she always said one bad day doesn’t have to mean a bad week – something I have learnt.
We had a weekly weigh in and measuring. I was really surprised at the inch loss something I had never checked before so this was a great incentive to see the numbers drop.

She messaged me often always checking I was doing ok. She also has an amazing knack of guessing the calories of food if you send her a picture of your dinner.

If I could, I would continue to see her but finances don’t allow that but she still is there with a cheery message even though we have stopped now.

I actually enjoyed my time with Nancy and when monies allow I would certainly do it all again to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Terri Weight, 3 months,  Online training 2019