“I never thought that i would be one of those people who enjoyed exercise and if i hadn’t have met Nancy i don’t think this would have happened.”

In early 2019 I joined the Xcel Leisure centre and started to do some of their exercise classes. In May 2019 i attended Nancy’s Body Pump class on a Saturday morning, Nancy approached me before the class begun and made me feel welcome. Body pump on a Saturday morning was the first class i actually enjoyed attending and this is down to Nancy being so welcoming and enthusiastic. The class is always fun and Nancy always brings her personality to the session. i wish Nancy ran more sessions at Xcel!

In July I contacted Nancy directly about personal training. I opted for Nancy’s blended personal training approach which is 3 months online and face to face sessions. My goal was to lose weight/body fat and become physically fitter. I had tried a couple of different diets but was not seeing results. Nancy created a calorie goal that could work for me and we got started in August. Nancy was always available to help whether it be Calorie estimates, looking at menus and recommending the best options or just being there for me when I had a low day/week. Nancy’s face to face sessions were also great, they felt tailored to my abilities and were not about beasting me. We would do measurements, talk about any difficulties as well as check physical strength progress. There were clear improvements in the weight i could train with in each session as well as how many sit ups or push ups i could do. My 3 month final result highlights were: -9.2% Body Fat, -7cm from chest and belly, -3cm each thigh and bicep, -4.3kg in weight.

Training with Nancy also gave me the confidence to start running and i joined a running club to add to my weekly exercise routine. Initially I could not run for 2 minutes and then achieved a 40 minute 5km run on my first Park Run after a 10 week training program.

I never thought that i would be one of those people who enjoyed exercise and if I hadn’t have met Nancy I don’t think this would have happened.

Megan Williams, Combined online and Face to Face PT, 3 Months 2019