“I know for sure that if I’d gone to any other trainer, I would not have achieved what I have done.”

Approaching 50, I realised I really did need to do something about my weight, being the heaviest I’ve ever been. Although I went to the gym regularly, I wasn’t seeing any results, at all, but I still enjoyed going, especially Nancy’s classes. The first thing I noticed, apart from her absolute enthusiasm, was her capacity to remember every single person’s name in the class – if there’s a new face, she spots them immediately and introduces herself, quite a talent as she does so many classes! That really made my decision for me: if I was to go down the personal training route, I wanted Nancy to do it, which was, without doubt, the best decision I’ve ever made.

We started off with all the measuring and weighing, plus photos taken (quite traumatic when you’re not feeling your best!). As I work away quite a lot, she gave me workouts that I could do in my hotel if they didn’t have a gym. I also bought some resistant bands which don’t take much room in a suitcase. I bought some weights for home workouts when I couldn’t make it to the gym at home, and they’re actually being used rather than just gathering dust!

But the most important part of the whole three months for me was food. I’ve been on every diet there is out there but whatever came off soon went back on again. Counting the calories was a bit of a pain to start with, but it has completely changed my outlook on what I eat. Portion size? Never gave it a second thought. I hardly ever cooked for myself, once again blaming the fact I didn’t have time as I was always working away. Nancy changed all of that. She gave me so many tasty recipes to start me off with, and I now regularly Google for healthy recipes, something I never even thought of before. If I’m short on time, I know I can have healthy ready meals – M&S or Waitrose do some fantastic low-calorie meals, again something Nancy recommended.

After three months I lost a staggering 10.9 kg in body fat and 8.3 kg in weight and completely transformed my body shape. The before and after pictures were hilarious – I never realised I was THAT big! I know for sure that if I’d gone to any other trainer, I would not have achieved what I have done. Even though the three months is now up, she is still there for any advice I need or just for some gentle encouragement. Nancy is a natural “people person” with a fabulous sunny personality, and I just can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me; she has literally changed my life!

Sarah Edwards, Combined online and face to face PT, 3 months 2019