“I feel positive and motivated and it’s all thanks to her”

I met Nancy at Nuffield gym while attending her spin and body pump classes. I needed a kick start on shifting some weight, and saw the amazing weight loss her clients had achieved with her online training.

We started chatting and I nervously joined her online Pt. Measuring every week and seeing the centimetres drop, was so motivational. We all get so fixated on the scale, but centimetre loss is far more rewarding.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done! I logged my calories, and with her guidance on diet and healthy eating, I started seeing results. She is a very positive and inspirational person, which changed my attitude towards so many things. Some weeks were better than others, but she kept me on my toes. I love my exercise now, and there are very few days, I don’t work out.

I highly recommend her, and would not have been able to be so dedicated without her. I now, feel so much better, and know I’ll be able to make much better choices in my day to day life. I feel positive and motivated and it’s all thanks to her.

Hanle Maclachlan, (Online PT, 3 months 2018)