“I am getting stronger and fitter. All of this has been so enjoyable. I can’t help but smile working with Nancy.”

My weight had crept up gradually over the years. I was overweight, unhappy about my size and how I looked. I was going to the gym regularly, but the weight was not shifting. I thought two or three spin classes and CX works once a week would make a difference, but the weighing scales told me otherwise and I was becoming disheartened. I added Body Pump in to my schedule, as another class….positioned in the back row, in my baggie T-shirts and loose fitting tracksuit bottoms.  I met Nancy in December 2014, when she took over as the regular instructor for the Body Pump class.  Her energy, enthusiasm and infectious smile make the class really enjoyable. She was always willing to answer questions and to give advice.  After a while, through friends’ contacts on Facebook, Nancy and I became FB friends. This led me in to the links to Nancy’s ‘Get Fit with Nancy’ and Pure Form Fitness.  I read Nancy’s ‘My journey from Fat to Fit’ personal article written in February 2015, which really struck a chord with me straightaway.   I never would have thought Nancy had been on such a journey, and much of her article resonated with me straightaway.  As soon as I found out that Nancy offered Personal training sessions, I knew I would have to give them a go. I was not managing to make progress alone, and the affinity I felt with Nancy’s article, was spurring me on to try harder on my exercise and weight loss. I was heading for obese, and I needed to do something to break the trend.

I was nervous going to the first session. Being in the back row of a full class, is very different to being one to one with nowhere to hide. I had filled in the questionnaire in advance, so had started thinking and committing myself to some targets.   I do not push myself forwards, I’m more introvert than extrovert. I did not know if Nancy and I would get on and I was being concerned about being measured, to have on record how out of condition I was. I need not have been concerned. Nancy is the most affable, personable individual. She put me at ease straightaway, being so matter of fact that my initial measurements were the baseline and immediately being encouraging about the number of repetitions I could manage in the exercises. These were my starting measures and Nancy was so positive, giving me instant belief that we would progress from these.

I really look forward to my personal training. Nancy varies each session, tailoring them to my needs and ability. This is increasing my repertoire of exercises, and is improving my overall condition. She is very attentive to my technique, to ensure I am carrying out the exercises properly to get the optimum benefit. She encourages me to try new exercises, pushing me through my limits with higher weights or more repetitions. Nancy also advises me on my lifestyle and nutrition, so that I am eating better, healthier food. I really appreciate the science side that Nancy brings. The mix of practical and academic suits my approach to issues, and she readily answers my questions, on a range of aspects of  training and nutrition.

The change to my eating habits, coupled with my personal training and more intensive exercise regime has led to a massive improvement in my body shape, condition and measurements. I am getting stronger and fitter. All of this has been so enjoyable. I can’t help but smile working with Nancy. It is fun, punctuated with laughter. I’ve learned what certain Nancy looks mean…….those which instantly put my shoulders back and down, or my back straight and my abs in! Personal training with Nancy has been a massive positive, and I am so pleased to continue working with her.

Knowing I have Nancy ‘in my corner’!  I have lost 11kg from the weighing scales and 13.9% body fat so far. I would not have achieved this without all of Nancy’s help, advice and encouragement. Thank you Nancy! You’re brilliant.

Cathy, 2015 – present