“All of this was only possible with the continuous support from Nancy who I can absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to loose weight, body fat and get fit! She is an amazing fitness instructor and one that will go the extra mile for you. I could have not asked for a better Instructor then Nancy.”

I have known Nancy for a very very long time. We used to go to the same classes at our gym before Nancy became an amazing Fitness Instructor. She is full of energy and ready to help anyone who asks for it. I used to do lots of classes and sometimes 3 in a row thinking this was the way to loose weight and shed the fat! After years of trying different exercises and gym workouts, I spoke to Nancy about her online PT sessions and that my aim was to change my body shape and loose body fat.

Nancy sent me various options that I could consider. I decided to opt for the 3 months online PT sessions. There was one thing that Nancy insisted I would have to do in order to get the results I was hoping for and that was to log my food and drink onto the My fitness Plan app. I was a bit worried about this as I am not that technical but Nancy assured me that I would be fine and that she would help me get started and answer any questions I had along the way. She told me that the only thing I needed to do was count calories!! This would enable me to loose body fat and weight.

On my first PT session, I was weighed and various measurements were taken and also body fat percentage worked out! But on top of that Nancy took a photo of how I looked at the start so that we could compare the results after 3 months! I was really quite shocked at how I actually looked as I did not think that I was carrying as much fat as I was!

I am only 4ft 10 inches and did not like my sticky out bum and big thighs!!  I was excited about doing this programme but did find it a bit of a struggle logging the food in, writing up the recipes etc but in time it got easier and I quickly learned how much calories things actually were! I also tried to limit my alcohol intake to 2 nights a week as recommended by Nancy as I knew that I could not give it up altogether! I tried to switch from wine to gin and low calorie tonic water wherever possible but sometimes you do need a glass of wine!!

Nancy set my daily calorie at 1400.  She also asked me to try and get my steps to at least 9000 daily which sometimes was a struggle as I work in an office. In order to try and get the steps up, I bought a skipping rope to help get my steps up!

After the first month of online sessions and advice from Nancy, she did all my measurements and body fat percentage and I had lost cm and body fat.

I had a Wedding to attend and Christmas was also around the corner whilst I was training which which made it hard for me to log in food etc so Nancy just asked me to be mindful of what I was eating and drinking which I did and I still managed to loose weight and body fat.

The time came for my final results and I was absolutely shocked to learn that I had lost 8 kg of weight and 8.2 kg of body fat which was 10.8%. I had lost cm off various places and by bum did not stick out any more. My thighs were also thinner and I felt really good.

I would just like to thank Nancy from the bottom of my heart for what she has helped me to achieve!!


Sangita Patel, combined face to face and online PT, 3.5 months 2019 – 2020