Tuesday Tip

Tuesday tip: Action based goals

Tuesday tip: Action based goals 🥅

Having a goal for your weight loss / fitness journey is vital but too often we focus on the outcome based goal which isn’t always the best way to reach that goal. So for example focusing on losing X kg of weight, or fitting into size X clothes etc. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t have these goals but it’s worth trying to focus on some action based goals too.

Unless you take the actions necessary to reach that end goal you won’t get to that end result. You can’t lose weight unless you eat fewer calories, you can’t fit into that pair of jeans without losing fat and changing your body shape with a calorie deficit etc

So rather than focusing on the end result instead focus on the actions that you need to get you there. This gives you something tangible to focus on and you can actually make progress. So rather than focusing on losing X kg, instead focus on tracking your calories, eating a big portion of veg or salad with your meals, walking x steps a day, working out X times a week, drinking 2 litres of water a day etc etc. That gives you an action plan and means you can check these off each day.

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

2 thoughts on “Tuesday tip: Action based goals”

  1. Action based goals are good to strive for and it’s important to not stress about them as much. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply become more active, it’s important for one to go at their own pace.


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